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Green Deal Cashback Scheme


Green Deal Cashback Scheme

Early adopters of the Green Deal may be able to claim cashback on the cost of their energy saving improvements.

The scheme will run for a limited period only while funds last and will work on a first come first served basis. It is open to any householder making improvements under the Green Deal; this includes home owners and those renting privately or in social housing.

How does it work?

You will need to go through the Green Deal process (for details on this see our Green Deal guide). This is how it will work:-

Step 1: Get a Green Deal Assessment of your property

Step 2: Agree a quotation for the improvements with a Green Deal Provider

Step 3: Apply for a Green Deal Cashback Voucher

Step 4: Have the improvements carried out

Step5: Claim your cashback!

The cashback payments are only available for improvements recommended through a Green Deal Assessment. The improvements do not have to be funded through a Green Deal Plan, but will have to be arranged by a Green Deal Provider and carried out by an authorised Green Deal installer. There is also a time period specified on the cashback voucher for the work to be carried out.

How much could I get?

There are different amounts of cashback available for different types of energy efficiency measure. The table below sets out the rates that are currently available. These rates have been guaranteed for the first £40milliion, but once this initial fund has been used up the amounts may reduce. So the best rates will go to early adopters of the scheme. Up to £125million has been earmarked for the scheme in total.

Qualifying Energy Efficiency Measure

Cashback Level

Loft insulation (incl. top up)


Cavity wall insulation


Solid wall insulation*


Flat roof insulation


Room in roof insulation


Floor insulation


Hot water cylinder insulation (incl. top up)**


Draught proofing


Heating controls (roomstat and/or programmer and time/temperature zone controls)**


Condensing oil boiler from non-condensing oil heating or other***


Upgrade boiler to condensing gas boiler from non-condensing boiler or other


Flue gas heat recovery (condensing combi boiler) only alongside replacement boiler


New or replacement storage heaters


Replacement warm-air unit


Waste water heat recovery systems


Double/triple glazing (old single to A)

£20 per m2 up to a maximum of £320

High performance replacement doors


Secondary glazing

£15 per m2 up to a maximum of £230

Important conditions on the cashback scheme

*A minimum of 50% of external walls must be insulated to qualify for cashback on solid wall insulation

**Hot water cylinder insulation and heating controls cannot be claimed at the same time as boiler replacement

***Householders should consider their renewable heat options, as they could get a higher payment under Renewable Heat Premium Payment now, for certain measures

How many improvements can I claim for?

You can claim for a package of improvements where this is recommended by the Green Deal Assessment. However where a Green Deal assessment recommends loft insulation (including top up) and cavity wall insulation alongside other improvements, householders must do the insulation measures to get Cashback on the whole package of improvements.

How many times can I claim cashback?

You can only claim once, but as mentioned above, you can claim for a package of improvements

Are you living in Scotland?

If so, there is a different cashback scheme. The Green Deal covers Scotland; however the Scottish Government has a slightly different cashback scheme. The Scottish Government is offering owner occupiers, private and social tenants and private sector landlords up to £500 towards energy efficiency measures that are recommended in a Green Deal Assessment. It is called the Green Homes Cashback Scheme.

How do I get started?

The first stage is to register for a Green Deal Assessment. You can call the Energy Savings Advice Service on 0300 123 1234 or search for an authorised Green Deal on the DECC Web site

If you haven’t already done so, please read our Green Deal Guide and FAQs which explain more about the scheme.


Energy Companies Obligation (ECO)


Free Insulation for some!

The Energy Companies Obligation ECO provides grants to cover all or part of the cost of energy efficiency measures in low-income households and communities. It is works alongside the Green Deal to help to those on low incomes and benefits or in deprived areas to install energy saving improvements without having to take out a Green Deal loan. In addition ECO provides special grants towards the cost of solid wall insulation or properties with ‘hard to treat’ cavity walls as these measures can be very costly to install.


Feed in Tariff Scheme Guide


The Feed In Tariff (FIT) scheme offers guaranteed cash payments to households that produce their own electricity using renewable technologies such as solar photovoltaic panels (PV) or wind turbines. You can be paid for the electricity you generate, even if you use it yourself, and for any surplus electricity you export to the grid. Also you'll save money on your electricity bill, because you'll be generating your own electricity.


Renewable Heat Incentive


The Renewable Heat (RHI) Incentive is similar to FIT, but for heat generation. It offers guaranteed cash payments for both householders and businesses that generate their own heating from renewable technologies. The RHI will guarantee regular 'tariff' payments for each kWh of heat generated by the renewable heat system. The RHI for non-domestic sectors (industrial, commercial, public sector and not-for-profit) has already been launched. RHI for domestic households is expected to be launched later this summer 2013, however some details have been released:-


Confused about the Green Deal?


Confused about the Green Deal? Read our guide and FAQs

The Green Deal helps people make energy saving improvements to their home or business. This could include insulation, upgrading a boiler, double glazing or installing renewable energy technology such as solar panels. The Green Deal is basically a special type of loan to pay for energy saving improvements to your home. It means you don’t have to pay for the work up front; instead you pay for it over time through your electricity bill. The aim is that your monthly repayments will be covered by the savings you'll make as a result of having the measures installed. Home owners, tenants (in privately rented or local authority/social housing) and businesses can all apply for the Green Deal, it is not means tested. So how does it work in practice? There are 4 key steps which you will need to follow:-

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