Overall Household Energy Use

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It is important to get overall household energy use into perspective to understand where to cut costs and when to invest in new equipment.

The first pie chart shows the major components of energy use in the average UK house. Heating your home clearly dominates, followed by heating water. Electrical appliances and cooking are relatively low energy use in your house. (It should be noted that in reality when considering the inefficiencies of power generation that the actual energy use of electrical appliance is higher),

 The second chart shows the relative costs assuming that Gas is used to cook, heat the house and heat the water. The cost contribution from electrical appliance is higher than the "in house" energy use; this is simply because electricity is much more expensive per kWh than gas.

Energy use in the average UK household

Energy cost assuming heating, hotwater and cooking are all gas fuelled

The conclusions are apparent; to really save some money where you live the first focus should be on heating, hot water and insulating against heat loss. Most of this area of the site compares the various heating and water options, and looks at insulation. The objective is to help to inform choice on what is best to do in your circumstances, to save money and sensibly invest.

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0 # Energy usage in a solid wall propertyGlynn 2013-11-23 07:57
Would the % of usage and cost for space heating be greater in a solid wall property with twice as much heat loss as a cavity wall?
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0 # energy consumptionfelix 2011-02-07 19:04
could you let me know the source of the pie charts and also the date the information is related to?it is amazing how i tried for an hour to get this information from the UK government website and they have nothing!!!
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0 # ChartsRichard 2011-02-09 23:32
Hi Felix
The charts I did myself in excel
The data for the charts comes from "energy consumption in the UK" a DTI document. What is the department called now, Berr, BIS, it changes on a monthly basis and I can't find the docs anymore! I have a printout and should be able to find the PDF, if you send me your e-mail, I'll send it.
Ri chard
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