Confused About Energy?

What is Energy?


In physics energy is defined as the capacity for doing work. So in my case if I have not had my Snickers Bar energy fix I have no work capacity and fall asleep! ......


What is a kWh, What is a TWh?


First What is a Watt?

A Watt (W) is 1 joule per second (j/s), it is a unit of power and a joule is a unit of energy, so if you have a 1W device running for 1 hour, then it consumes 1 Wh of energy .....


Household Energy Costs: Heating, insulation, water, harnessing energy and more.

house hold energy costs

Car Energy Costs: The real MPG, using less fuel, green cars efficient cars and more

car energy costs

Energy Storage: also new to Confused About Energy, starting with batteries, again much more will be added throughout the year.


Electricity Cost Calculator



Fuel Prices


Domestic Fuel Prices

Most of this site is dedicated to giving its visitors useful indicative cost information related to the use of energy in and around your place of residence.  Depending upon what is within your control where you live, it is hoped that this information will help you save money and help you make sensible cost based decisions regarding what equipment to invest in, to reduce costs.


Carbon Dioxide Tipping Point


Environmental warriors took me to task 10 years ago when I started this website.

The reason?

I made a heinous comment that “in spite of increased renewable energy capacity in the world, fossil fuel use will continue unabated and will actually increase over the next 40 years”. The first ten years indicate this view point to be correct, take a look here:-


Switching Energy Provider


I switched energy provider it was easy and the savings are considerable.

I switched using uSwitch on the 23rd JAN 2014 from nPower to OVO. The table below shows the savings I will make, they are considerable and the process of switching was so simple, please read on by clicking "more" below the table. I will now be switching each year to maintain these prices.


Heating Oil Prices and Buying Guide


To calculate our average price of heating oil in the UK we collect a sample of quotes for delivery of 1000 litres of standard kerosene delivered in a standard tanker on normal delivery timescales (usually 1 week – 10 days). We do this once every quarter.


Global Energy and Carbon Dioxide


We started this site in 2008. At that time our younger brains wrote a few articles that provoked a measure of vitriol from the good willed and so-called green community. I say, “so-called” because their non-solutions can so often be counter productive. In the years of examining why this is, it has become my view that there is simply a lack of awareness of scale. Simply put, there is a lack of comprehension of how much bang for you buck you get with fossil fuels compared to a renewable energy source like a windmill or a heat pump. To be clear I have no issue with renewable energy sources, they are great, but thinking that we will ever meet the world’s energy needs with renewables is fanciful.


Teaching Global Warming


Our Children can’t be expected to understand the Global Warming debate until they have an understanding of “The Facts”


Top 10 tips for improving your car fuel economy

0fficial mpg

With the current high fuel prices, even a relatively small improvement in your MPG can save you money. Most drivers will be able to make savings by changing their driving habits and techniques.


Confused About Batteries


We are! We have decided to try to find out how much energy there actually is in your average battery. There are so many brands, names, categories and types it is very unclear what you actually get for your money. Should you buy an expensive alkaline battery or would a cheaper brand suffice. Batteries use descriptive words like, superpower, power plus or extra energy to describe what you get, but there is no data on the side of batteries to quantify what you are buying. So we have decided to find out.