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Climate Change

With every molecule of carbon dioxide we pump into the atmosphere we are ignoring the early warning sirens that rapid rises in carbon dioxide are the commonality between more than ten mass extinctions of the deep past and what is happening today.

A New History of Life by Peter Ward and Joe Kirschvink

See how much fossil fuel we mine world wide at a glance...


Climate change is a natural phenomenon, which continually occurs on our planet. It can be a gradual or a sudden process...


In addition to providing electricity to power our mobile phones and heat our homes, fossil fuels provide energy to make fertilizers, pesticides, and agricultural tools and to provide agricultural transport.


Carbon Dioxide is not the only greenhouse gas but it is the one most people associate with global warming since it is by far the most abundant and most obviously linked to the combustion of fossil fuels.


To look to solutions for climate change, ask your self these question:- What is the problem?, What is the cause?, What are the implications?, What can be done?


The potential for human induced climate change by carbon dioxide CO2 emission and the Greenhouse effect was deduced by a clever Swede called Arrhenius in 1896, he thought it would take thousands of years to be a problem, since CO2 emission were low back then.


Imagine the chemical ooze from decomposing animals and plants; well it contains chemical energy in the form of carbon based organic molecules...