backThe Global Consumption of Fossil Fuels     12493

Some Key Points

  • Even with growth in renewable energy sources the consumption of fossil fuel is still growing by over 3000 TWh per year.
  • We read a great deal about how much more renewable energy we are using, what these stories rarely point out is that total energy demand is also increasing and so is the use of fossil fuels.
  • Fossil fuel use has actually increased by 13% in the past decade consequently even more CO2 is injected into our atmosphere.
  • 10 years ago we predicted this trend, for the next ten years it will continue, there is still insufficient political will to change.



The data for global energy consumption all comes from the annual statistical review by BP it is the best source of information for this type of information we have found and better still it is free to download and use. We have converted their data into units that are easier for us to relate to the TWh, they use the Mtoe unit, Millions of tonnes of Oil equivalent, the conversion factor is 1 Mtoe = 11.63 TWh.