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Some Key Points

  • Greenland is much smaller than Antarctica, but is shedding a third more ice than Antarctica is at the time or writing.
  • 1 mm of equivalent sea level rise equals 360 Gt of ice mass.
  • Currently Greenland is adding about 0.7mm a year to the global average sea level. It is the largest single source of sea level rise at the current time.
References https://climate.nasa.gov/vital-signs/ice-sheets/


It is worth pointing out that there are 2,850,000 cubic kilometres or 2,612,595 Gt of ice on Greenland and that if it were all to melt it would lead to a 7.36 m rise in sea levels, however it is melting at a rate of 288 Gt each year and at this rate it will take 9071 years to melt.