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Some Key Points

  • Population is included less as a metric we can or indeed wish to change but more as a measure to comprehend the link between energy use, food production and population.
  • Simply put, the more of us there are, the more intensive the agriculture, the more cars we drive, the more houses we have to heat or cool.
  • There is a feed back loop with energy and population, the more available the energy the more resources there are for population growth, the more energy we consume.
  • The population growth figures come from the UN website.



We have written about this before, have a look here fossil fuels food and population. There are many factors which influence population growth but energy availability and use is strongly linked. On the one hand it is fairly obvious that the more of us there are the more energy we use, what is perhaps less obvious is that if more energy becomes available to us it actually creates the conditions where more of us can exist, by providing more resources for things like food and agriculture. In the future the population limit is more likely to come from the slow erosion of the quality of our soils and the ability to continuously grow nutritional food on over farmed land, especially if we use our land to produce biofuels.