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How much does it cost to use a hairdryer?

A hairdryer is a high power device, they have to be to dry your hair! However there are many different dryer power ratings and in different countries the power rating is limited by the supply voltage of the territory. In the USA and Canada for example they use 120 volts for mains electricity, supply in the UK, most of Europe and in fact most of the rest of the world they use 230 or 240 volts. Have a look here for the worlds voltages and plug types

One upshot of this is that in the USA and Canada your European hairdryer is unlikely to work effectively if at all. But you can buy travel hairdryers that will cope with both, they are just not very powerfull.

In the USA Hairdryers tend to be limited to 1875 Watts even though this slightly edges them over the 15 amp circuits used there. In the UK and Europe They can go up to 3000 Watt in theory on a 13amp socket, however they tend to be about 2200 Watts and smaller dryers are rated at 1200W.

In the table below we have included a 1200W and 2400W device and for comparison a typical USA/Canadian Hairdryer rated at 1875W.

How much energy and how much does it cost to use a hair dryer? and how much CO2 is produced.
Hair Dryer 5 minutes use 5 minutes use each day for a year 10 minutes use 10 minutes use each day for a year
Typical Low Power UK/European Hair Dryer
1200 Watts
0.1 kWh
36.5 kWh
0.2 kWh
73 kWh
Typical Higher Power UK/European Hair Dryer
2400 Watts
0.2 kWh
73 kWh
0.4 kWh
146 kWh
Typical USA/Canadian Hairdryer
1875 Watts **
0.156 kWh
57 kWh
0.312 kWh
114 kWh

** The values for cost are in UK pounds so will not the useful to American readers of this site and CO2 values are also only applicable to UK electricity generation. There is a calculator in the side bar of this page where you can add you own values to calculate cost where you are.

Well can you dry your hair without a dryer? This would be the best way to save a bit of money and reduce that carbon footprint, easy for me to say my hair is only 1cm long! I keep it short as I swim so much.

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