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How Much does it cost to run your Washer Dryer?

Washer dryers are regarded as a separate category on the energy efficiency scale to ordinary washersand so an A rated washer dryer cannot be compared with an A rated washing machine. The energy consumption figures are based on a full wash and dry cycle with a maximum load. The table below shows the costs of using the wash cycle only or the full wash and dry cycle on a typical washer dryer machine.

Cost per wash cycle
(Carbon Dioxide Emissions)
Cost per wash and dry cycle
(Carbon Dioxide Emissions)
Annual cost for wash only
(Carbon Dioxide Emissions)
Annual cost for wash & dry
(Carbon Dioxide Emissions)
The annual running costs are based on a single wash each day.

Drying a full load of washing costs in the region of £1.084
(0.9kg). If you do this for every load of washing it will cost you over £281.84
(242.3kg) per year depending on how many loads you do, 5 a week in this case. The best advice for using your drier is don’t! There are big savings to be made by reducing the amount of drying you do.

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