Domestic Renewable Energy

There is a range of renewable energy technologies that are now available for domestic use which can help you meet your energy requirements. These make use of the sun, wind or renewable fuels to generate heat and electricity. But how reliable are these technologies? How much energy can they actually harness? What are the costs and most importantly what is the payback time on your investment? This section provides an overview of the different technologies available and gives an impartial view on the benefits and costs of each.

The terms solar energy and solar power are often used to describe technologies which collect the energy of the sun and redistribute it for our use. These terms are however a little ambiguous...


Solar Hot Water is used all over the world, it is very effective especially if you live in a warm country...


Heat pumps function by extracting heat from the ground the water or the air respectively and releasing that heat energy at a higher temperature within a building.


This section is only concerned with wind turbines that can be sensibly added to a residential home...