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Heat Loss and Insulation

It is fairly obvious that hot water pipes and hot water storage cylinders should be insulated to prevent heat loss. Newer cylinders already have insulation prefitted...


If you have cavities in your walls which are not already filled with insulation then you have a great opportunity to save quite a lot of money. Most household heat is lost through the walls and anything to slow this down helps.


If you have thermostatically controlled heating in your home, and most of us do, then your boiler will be controlled by the temperature measured in a particular area in your home i.e. where the thermostat is placed!


Since heat rises it follows that heat loss through the roof is a large contributor to energy waste in your house. By installing modern 290mm thick insulation in your loft space you could save up to 25% of your heating bill but perhaps more realistically by 20%.


Replacing your windows with double glazing to just save money does not actually make a lot of sense. You will reduce heat flow through you windows by at least a half...


If you have a very old house with solid walls then you are losing a lot of heat through the walls. Solid walls transmit heat at, at least twice the rate that uninsulated cavity walls do.


If you have timber floors, mineral wool insulation* can be used between the joists to insulate your floor. Assuming this is the only insulation measure installed in your house you can reduce the amount of heat loss through your floor by about a half...