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This is a very simple electricity cost calculator, it uses time, power demand and and electricity rate per unit.

Electricity Cost Calculator

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This is a very simple electricity cost calculator, it uses the time a device is switched on for, the power demand of the device in Watts (NOT kilo Watts) and and an electricity rate per unit - kWh, read more on watts and kWh Read More here.

Sample data is provided to give you an idea of what to put in the input fields. the UK avereage electricity rate is used in the example.

Just write over these numbers with your numbers. Please note the example shows a 3000 Watt device this is equal to 3kW, this might be the power consumption of an electrical heater to give to an idea.

List of devices and their indicative power demands

The table below shows a list of devices and their indicative power demand.

It is important to note here with this table that in certain countries in the world for example the USA and Canada the voltage is low, 110v. Because of this North Americans tend not to use devices we use in Europe (for example electrical kettles), this is because their power demand exceed the safe limit of their standard wall sockets.

Indicative Power Draw (Watts) for various appliances.
Appliance Power (Watts)
Small Fan heater1500
Radiator (oil Filled)3000
Small Air Conditioning Unit3000
Large Fridge200
Tumble Dryer2500
Washing Machine2200
Microwave Oven1000
Hair Dryer2200
Vacuum Cleaner2000
Modern TV100
Desktop PC700
LED Light bulb15
Filament Light bulb100
Games Console150
DVD Player25

Average electricity rates for various countries and regions

The average electricity rates for various countries in the world is presented below. It is NOT accurate. Rates are different across territories, they vary with time and the conversion to US$ rate is subject to exchange fluctuations, it is only show as it is interesting to see the difference across the world against one currency as a reference. The USA for example has rates ranging from $0.40 to $0.08 across the Country. Hawaii is the most expensive.

Electricity rates in sample countries per kWh. Numbers are approximate and are averages.
Flag Country Local Currency Rate US Dollar Rate
denmark electricity rateDenmark2.85kr.$0.41
germany electricity rateGermany€0.33$0.35
spain electricity rateSpain€0.28$0.30
australia electricity rateAustralia$0.39$0.29
italy electricity rateItaly€0.26$0.28
japan electricity rateJapan¥28.38$0.26
uk electricity rateUK£0.271$0.20
new zealand electricity rateNew Zealand$0.27$0.19
france electricity rateFrance€0.18$0.19
nigeria electricity rateNigeria₦58$0.18
brazil electricity rateBrazilR$0.59$0.17
usa electricity rateUSA$0.12$0.12
russia electricity rateRussia₽6.2$0.11
canada electricity rateCanada$0.13$0.10
south africa electricity rateSouth AfricaR1.33$0.10
mexico electricity rateMexicoMex$1.9$0.10
india electricity rateIndia₹5.2$0.08
china electricity rateChina¥0.55$0.08

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