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What are the spots?carbon dioxide emissionsfuel costs They show the relative Cost Savings and Reduced CO2 emissions.

Each Year
Each Year
Each Year
dishwasher energy saving tips Dishwashers
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30kWh -
£4.62 -

11.01kg -

Run the machine full and less often

boil less water in kettle energy saving tips Boiling Water
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82kWh -
£12.628 -

30.09kg -

Boil only what you need. Savings depend on how much tea you drink!

fridge freezer energy saving tips Fridge Freezers
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50kWh -
£7.7 -

18.35kg -

Fridge maintenance. Savings depend on size, age and rating

dmoney saving tips tumble drying Tumble Dryers
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90kWh -
£13.86 -

33.03kg -

Operate Less often, clean filters, part dry clothes?

differnce in cost of shallow or deep bath Baths
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700kWh -
£30.1 -

147kg -

Have shallower baths and consider how you heat water

change energy supplier to save money Change Supplier
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0kWh -
£0 -

0 -

save money and have a beerSwitch! This is the single simplest way of saving money. This is equivalent to 100 pints of beer!

shower or power shower which is cheaper Shower of Power Shower
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120kWh -
£18.48 -

25.2kg -

Aviod immersion heated power showers

save money and energy with good loft insulation Install Loft Insulation
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3000kWh -
£129 -

630kg -

Modern loft insulation in a 3 bed semi - these numbers are for Gas, savings are greater for other fuels

save money and energy with good loft insulation Improve Loft Insulation
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1000kWh -
£43 -

210kg -

Modern loft insulation in a 3 bed semi - these numbers are for Gas, savings are greater for other fuels

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Fridge Freezer

Last Updated on Thursday, 12 October 2017 09:57

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Fridge Freezer

How Much does it cost to run a Fridge Freezer?

Fridges and freezers are switched on 24 hours a day 7 days a week so running costs are high.

All new fridges and freezers carry an EU energy efficiency rating from A++ (the most efficient) to G (the least efficient). The vast majority of products are at least A rated. However for refrigeration products the rating is not based on actual energy consumption but the energy efficiency in relation to size (the internal volume of the compartments).

Size matters!

The bigger the fridge/freezer, the more it will cost to run. The table below shows the annual running costs of three ‘A’ rated fridge freezers of different sizes.

Fridge/freezer size Annual energy consumption Energy Rating Annual running costs
(Carbon Dioxide Emissions)
8.2 Cubic feet 292 kWh/year A £44.971 (107.2kg)
13.5 Cubic feet 409 kWh/year A £62.987 (150.1kg)
22 Cubic feet 524 kWh/year A £80.694 (192.3kg)

As you see, the energy consumption and running costs vary significantly, even though they all have the same ‘A’ rating.

Tips for buying a new fridge freezer

  • Select the smallest product that will meet your household needs.
  • Additional features such as ice makers increase energy consumption.
  • Cyclic defrost fridges are more economical than frost free.
  • Side-by-side refrigerator/freezers use more energy than similarly sized models with the freezer on top.

To compare energy consumption across different sizes and types look for the kWh/year figure on the energy label. The bigger this figure the more it will cost to run. If you want to work out the annual running costs of different fridge freezers then simply locate the ‘Kwh/year figure on the energy label and type it into Calculator 2 in the left column and it will tell you how much it will cost based on current average energy prices.

Energy saving tips for fridge freeezer...

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0 # MrEric Palmer 2015-06-27 16:51
Fridge and freezer energy rating are based on standard annual energy consumption (SAEc) which varies according to type. So an upright frost free fridge/freezer climate class T will use far more energy than a chest freezer climate class N with the same energy rating. Also auto defrost also means there is a fan so all freezer at same temperature there are no warm spots plus draws can be removed so more room for Christmas Turkey. Frost free have a defrost cycle so are cyclic defrost it's the same thing. So food safety wise using frost free is best as all food at same temperature. But some fridge freezers can control the fridge and freezer temperatures independent and as a result you can put fridge in holiday mode but still have freezer active.

Inverter control comes in two flavours. It can mean simply no start up heavy current draw meaning volt drop will not cause premature failure great if kept in a shed. Or it can mean motor never stops but alters speed as required so freezer stays at exactly right temperature it does not hover between two limits.

In both cases it means motor will likely last longer and use less power. Three phase motors are more reliable than single phase and with inverter control the motor is three phase.

So expensive inverter freezer with life of 10 years or non inverter with life of 5 years makes a huge difference to total cost per year.

So in real terms it is nearly impossible to compare freezer and fridge costs. There are a few which are really bad. The USA style freezer designed for higher ambient temperatures than found in UK can be very expensive to run.

So forget looking at if A, A+, A++ or A+++ look at the kWh per annum. And also consider a inverter freezer will likely last longer than a freezer with single phase motor.
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0 # SitemapKabirul 2012-10-12 05:35
Please would anybody give a price list. Refrigerator
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0 # Fridge FreezerRichard 2011-09-07 15:50
This is good advice from Florence. Empty fridges cost more to run.
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0 # Fridge FreezerFlorence Carole 2011-09-06 09:49
Purchase a refrigerator that meets your family needs. A fridge that's always empty will just increase your energy bill. A fridge with a 14 cu. ft. size can be adequate for a family of 4 while an 18-22 or higher is better for a larger family.refriger ators for sale
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0 # calculatorRichard 2010-07-15 13:11
sorry it is now
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+1 # Calculator 2 - What?confused 2010-06-24 19:13
type it into Calculator 2 in the left column and it will tell you how much it will cost based on current average energy prices.So where is Calculator 2 - Because it is not on this page, can you pleas update.
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