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Walk or Drive?


What uses the most energy walking or driving?


The Real MPG

calculate your real mpg

Calculate your real MPG and and compare it with manufacturer data.


Petrol vs Diesel

Petrol vs Diesel – Which is cheaper to run?


Do Electrical Cars Produce Less CO2?

0fficial mpg

Do electric cars produce less CO2 given that the electricity they consume is from a fossil fuel electricity grid?


Official MPG

whatis the 0fficial mpg

Have you ever checked your real MPG with the figures quoted by car manufacturers - do they match?


Top 10 most fuel efficient super minis

Korean and American Super Minis outstrip the Europeans on fuel Efficiency - 2011


Top 10 tips for improving your car fuel economy

energy saving driving tips

With the current high fuel prices, even a relatively small improvement in your MPG can save you money...


Transport and Greenhouse Gases

Transport and Greenhouse Gases
custom line

Transport and Greenhouse Gases

Getting hold of the correct data for this section has been onerous to say the least. This is because we wanted to present a CO2 emissions perspective for transport from production of fuel its transportation and then the consumption of fuel in transportation.


Energy Use in Transport

energy use in transport
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Energy Use in Transport

Any method of getting from A to B requires energy. To be more precise any method of getting from A to B requires energy to be transferred from one form to another.



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