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What are the spots?carbon dioxide emissionsfuel costs They show the relative Cost Savings and Reduced CO2 emissions.

Each Year
Each Year
Each Year
dishwasher energy saving tips Dishwashers
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30kWh -
£4.62 -

11.01kg -

Run the machine full and less often

boil less water in kettle energy saving tips Boiling Water
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82kWh -
£12.628 -

30.09kg -

Boil only what you need. Savings depend on how much tea you drink!

fridge freezer energy saving tips Fridge Freezers
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50kWh -
£7.7 -

18.35kg -

Fridge maintenance. Savings depend on size, age and rating

dmoney saving tips tumble drying Tumble Dryers
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90kWh -
£13.86 -

33.03kg -

Operate Less often, clean filters, part dry clothes?

differnce in cost of shallow or deep bath Baths
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700kWh -
£30.1 -

147kg -

Have shallower baths and consider how you heat water

change energy supplier to save money Change Supplier
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0kWh -
£0 -

0 -

save money and have a beerSwitch! This is the single simplest way of saving money. This is equivalent to 100 pints of beer!

shower or power shower which is cheaper Shower of Power Shower
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120kWh -
£18.48 -

25.2kg -

Aviod immersion heated power showers

save money and energy with good loft insulation Install Loft Insulation
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3000kWh -
£129 -

630kg -

Modern loft insulation in a 3 bed semi - these numbers are for Gas, savings are greater for other fuels

save money and energy with good loft insulation Improve Loft Insulation
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1000kWh -
£43 -

210kg -

Modern loft insulation in a 3 bed semi - these numbers are for Gas, savings are greater for other fuels

This table is under construction there are more tips here.

Measures to reduce fuel bills: ROI* is the time it takes in years to return the investment in fuel savings for an average gas heated 3 bed semi-detached house.
Measure ROI*
hot water tank insulation save energy save money Lagging 1 Year
loft insulation energy saving Loft Insulation 2 Years
cavity wall insulation energy saving Cavity Wall Insulation 2.3 Years
underfloor insulation energy saving Underfloor Insulation 4.4 Years
solid wall insulation energy saving Solid Wall Insulation 15.8 Years
double glazing energy saving Double Glazing 58.1 Years
Renewable Energy Measures ROI** is the time it takes in years to return the investment in energy. The table assumes no government incentive schemes are used (FIT or RHI).
Measure ROI**
solar hot water energy saving costs Solar Hot Water 11 to 62 Years
ground source heat pump investment costs Heat Pumps 4 to 81 Years
domestic wind power costs Wind Power 16 to 32 Years
solar PV costs and investment Solar Photovoltaics 13 ± 3 Years

What is Energy?

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 March 2017 20:49

The capacity for doing work

In physics energy is defined as the capacity for doing work.....

So in my case if I have not had my Snickers Bar energy fix I have no work capacity! Energy exist in various forms potential, kinetic, thermal, electrical, chemical, nuclear, or other various forms, it may be transferred from one form to another and is always conserved. As a simple example, a car on the top of a hill has potential energy, because gravity is acting on it. The hand brake fails, it rolls down the hill loses potential energy and gains kinetic energy (movement), it hits a wall at the bottom of the hill, the car and the wall are smashed up, the energy is transferred into other energies like heat and sound as the car and wall are buckled and damaged.

energy from food

Take the Snickers bar as another example, this is effectively chemical energy, which the body can process to allow me to wake up, move a little faster, work and be less grumpy. No I am not on the pay roll of Mars, Snickers just does the trick. Hay Mars, want to sponsor this site?

A better example is the use of Petrol, or Gas (for the USA) in a car. Petrol is derived from oil which is a fossil fuel and which has considerable chemical energy, because it is a carbon-based material, which will readily burn. In the car the petrol with air is ignited by spark plugs in combustion chambers, this ignition expands the gases and moves pistons, which via various mechanical components in the car drive it forward. So chemical energy transfers to kinetic energy. A car is inefficient and the process also creates a lot of thermal energy and sound energy.

The Sun is another great example to illustrate how energy transfers from one form to another. The Sun is a great big ball of gas, mostly Hydrogen and Helium. The enormous pressure and temperature in the sun provides enough energy to allow atoms of hydrogen to merge to form Helium, this process liberates even more energy from the atoms that have merged. The sun radiates some of this this energy as light (electromagnetic radiation, or photons). Some of these travel to earth. On arrival the light (or photons) may hit a leaf and transfer the energy to the plant (via photosynthesis), or hit my basking body in the Mediterranean making me hot forcing me to jump into the sea and transfer the heat to the water. They may hit the ground warming it up creating thermal currents taking with them moisture to form clouds.

You may get the idea; most energy on our planet is ultimately derived from the Sun.



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