Android Energy Cost Calculator

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A Free Android App to download, called:-
Game On from

We now have a simple and fun app for Android devices. The app calculates energy usage from the perspective of a teenage user, declaring that their X-box is not that expensive. There is also a calculator for the bill payer, a grumpy dad, which does exactly the opposite. It has been designed as bit of fun and it is my first go at writing an app, So please leave comments if you have any.

If you go to the following link on your phone or tablet (copy, paste and email it to your phone, that's what I do.),

Here is the direct link also

you will get a mobile webpage and it is dead easy just to down load it and install from there. I guarantee there is no malware in the app, I am not a good enough programmer to write any!!

There are a few screen shots below of the app, to give you the idea. My son did the graphics, and users in the UK, particularly Tyneside, may recognise a bit of a VIZ style!

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0 # MrJohn 2016-08-23 22:04
Looks like a great app, but will it work for USA users since the outlets give slightly different volts then UK users?
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0 # replyrdh 2016-08-26 07:14
Hi John
thanks for taking the time to write. Yes it will be fine in the USA, you have 110 volts from memory. The app simply requires device power consumption.
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