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There are some easy ways in which you can reduce the running costs of your TV:-

  • Turn the TV off when it's not being used
    This seems obvious but many people leave the TV on as background when it’s not being watched or there’s nobody in the room.
  • Don’t leave the TV on stand by
    TVs still consume power in standby mode although it's only a fraction of what they use when they're actually on. On many TVs the on/off button on the set itself does not turn it off altogether but leaves the TV on standby. Turn it off at the plug to be sure or buy a StandBy Saver
  • Turn off the Quick Start option
    Some TVs have a Quick Start option which turns the TV on more quickly when you press the power button. However this feature consumes significantly more power during standby. You can wait a few extra seconds for the TV to warm up and save some money!
  • Turn down the backlight
    Some LCD TVs enable you to adjust the backlight. By turning down the backlight you'll lower power consumption but also make the TV less bright. This can actually improve image quality.
  • Reduce light output with other settings
    Another way to reduce the light output and the running cost of your TV is to adjust the "contrast" or "picture" controls to reduce brightness. Lowering the brightness can improve picture quality however the room lighting will need to be lower (this will also save you money!)

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