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Domestic Fuels

Introduction - 2017 Landscape:

In 2016 over 50 UK energy suppliers were in the market ranging from local suppliers to big national suppliers. With a huge choice available, over 87% of the UK households were supplied by the big 6 UK energy firms. The big six (British Gas, EDF, E.On, Npower, Scottish Power and SSE) certainly hold the market however the market is changing slowly.

We investigated what might be causing these changes.


To calculate our average price of heating oil in the UK we collect a sample of quotes for delivery of 1000 litres of standard kerosene delivered in a standard tanker on normal delivery timescales (usually 1 week to 10 days). We do this once every quarter.


Most of this site focuses on cost and the belief that if environmental measures are cost effective then people will adopt them. We show with evidence which are the most cost effective measures to adopt in your domestic situation to save you money and as a consequence help the environment and which costs need to be driven down or grant funded to increase uptake.


Current average fuel prices for Electricity, Gas, Coal, Wood, LPG, Heating Oil, Butane and Propane.


Extracted Energy from Fuel

For combustible fuels the fuel prices on the home page of this site and in the fuels page indicate the price per kWh of the fuels if burned at close to 100% efficiency. They indicate the maximum extractable, 'locked up', chemical energy within the fuels. No equipment (boiler or fire) burns the fuel with 100% efficiency. So the actual cost per kWh is always higher. This is indicated on many of the pages on this site, showing for example the difference between a modern boiler and an old inefficient boiler.