Site Calculations

If you are considering investing in new technology in your house with a view to saving money on your energy bill, you should do the calculations to make sure it is really worth doing.  Here are some simple steps to deducing if it worth doing on cost grounds alone.


Throughout this site almost all calculations use the kilo Watt hour (kWh) as a unit of measure for energy.

The kWh was chosen as it is easy to relate to and is the standard measure for a unit of electrical energy on your electricity bill, i.e. 1 Unit = 1kWh. One kilo Watt (kW) is by the way 1000 Watts, and for completeness a Watt is a measure of power, which might be best described at the rate at which energy is transferred.


There are many renewable energy options for domestic property these days allowing you to heat your home, hot water and generate your own electricity, but they are all expensive.   Manufacturers also have lavish claims for how much you will save.   Reducing carbon emissions is important, so this kind of technology is very important to our future, but if the financial return is inadequate, you may get better return for your money and the environment by simply insulating your loft.  Here are some simple steps to calculate the financial viability of an energy project.