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Some useful tips which will help to save you some money on your energy bills for cooking.

energy cooking tipsThe average annual costs of cooking are between £ 20 and £ 60 depending on the type of appliance and fuel that you use, so there is only limited scope to make savings. However here are some useful tips which will help to save you some money on your energy bills:-

  • Replace damaged seals around the oven door
  • Avoid opening the oven door when cooking where possible — choose an oven with a glass panel in the door to check how the food is doing
  • Cook more than one item at a time in the oven
  • Use a microwave if you have one, they use 70% to 90% less energy than ovens


  • For gas cookers, an electric ignition rather than a continuous pilot light, saves energy
  • Match the pan to the size of the hotplate or to the flame
  • Always put lids on pans - more than a quarter of electricity is wasted when you cook your food without a lid
  • Use pans with a flat base
  • Pressure cookers and steamers save energy as they enable you to cook several different foods on one ring and also cook food much quicker

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