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How much does it cost to boil a kettle?

boil less water in kettle energy saving tips
 Energy Saving:  82 - 164 kWh each year
 Money Saving:   £15.334 -  £30.668 each year
 CO2 Saving:  30.09kg - 60.19kg each year
 Comment:  Boil only what you need. Savings depend on how much tea you drink!
 Energy range that could be saved with this measure.
 Money Savings range you could have employing this measure.
 Carbon Dioxide emission range that could be saved with this measure.

We are often told to only use as much water as we need in a kettle and not to fill it to the top, but what are the potential annual saving in doing this. Well it takes roughly 4.5 minutes to boil a full (2 litre) kettle with a power rating of 3kW (kilowatts).

First how much does it cost to boil a kettle once?
Kettle Energy to boil a kettle Cost to boil a kettle
Full 0.225 KWh £0.042
Half Full 0.113 KWh £0.021
Next, How much does it cost to boil a full and a half full kettle operated twice a day for a full year.
Kettle Annual Energy Use Annual Cost (and CO2 emissions)
Full 164 KWh £30.743
Half Full 82 KWh £15.368

Well There it is, a full year of operating a kettle in this way should save you about £15.368
. Less than you might imagine but if you are a real tea fiend and boil it 4 times a day you would double the saving! Every little counts.

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Mr - Rueben Derrick  2017-10-26 21:51:37
So to boil a kellet ONLY costs £0.035.That's 2857 boils to make ONE POUND...Why does the world use boiling a kettle as an example of wasted energy!
reply - rdh  2017-10-27 09:57:31
Thanks for taking the time to comment. But you are 100x out.
£0.035 = 3.5 pence
100 pence to the pound
100 pence / 3.5 pence = 28.57 boils