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Tumble dryers are energy hungry find out how much they cost to run.

dmoney saving tips tumble drying
 Energy Saving:  90 - 350 kWh each year
 Money Saving:   £24.39 -  £94.85 each year
 CO2 Saving:  20.97kg - 81.55kg each year
 Comment:  Operate Less often, clean filters, part dry clothes?
 Energy range that could be saved with this measure.
 Money Savings range you could have employing this measure.
 Carbon Dioxide emission range that could be saved with this measure.

Tumble dryers are probably the most energy hungry of all domestic appliances. To dry a full load of washing will cost in the region of £0.678
, therefore the less you use it the more money you will save. The table below shows the annual running costs of a tumble dryer for different rates of usage.

The annual running costs of a tumble dryer for different volumes of use. Based on an energy use of 2.50 kWh per cycle and an average load capacity of 4.75 kg (including CO2 emissions)
5 times a week 4 times a week 3 times a week 2 times a week 1 time a week Never

There is a significant difference each year in your electricity bill if you use your machine once per week as opposed to 5 times a week. You can save a reasonable amount just by using it once less per week. So air dry, either in doors or outside whenever you can! Mind you too much humidity in the house is not a good thing either.

If you do use your tumble dryer then you can minimise energy costs in the following ways:-

  • Part dry your clothes in the tumble dryer, finish them off on a clothes horse or washing line.
  • Clean the filter after every use.
  • Dry loads in batches to make the most of the heat in the machine, it may slightly reduce drying time.

Comments and Questions

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cookers - bernie  2018-04-01 08:50:39
Hi, I have a gas cooker and hob which runs on LPG should I change to electric?. thanks
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Tumble Dryer v Iron - Aline Cornish  2015-01-20 22:13:00
Can you advise the cost of heating an iron per load of washing, in comparison to using a tumble dryer per load of washing? I use my tumble drying for every wash and I do not do any ironing. This saves me hours standing an an ironing board per week. I also think that all tumble dryers should be fitted with an optional timer alarm, to inform when the load is nearly finished, so as to prevent creasing.
reply - rdh  2015-01-21 10:10:52
Personally I have a serious allergy to ironing, I get immediate anger management issues at even the thought of it :lol:

Seriously I do not have that data, you can make an estimate by considering the power demand of the iron and the time you use it for, but irons are thermostated so it will only be a guess. Or you could buy one of those sockets that measures what you use, I got one from Aldi some years ago, works fine.

The optional alarm is an excellent idea I wonder if there is one on the market that does that.
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tumble dryers - Richard  2010-04-08 08:07:21
good advice, I'm suprised you need to worry in kefalonia, guess it gets chilly in the winter.
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If you do use your tumble dryer then you can minimise energy costs in the following ways:- - kefalonia  2010-03-25 10:41:35
Spin your clothes in a washing machine / vertical spin dryer after washing to extract excess water prior to tumble drying. The less water your clothes have retained post washing before tumbling the quicker they will dry in cycle and the lower your tumble dryer electricity costs will be. Washing machines typically spin between 1000rpm - 1600rpm (dependent on machine). Vertical spin dryers operate at 2800rpm and are far more efficient at extracting water out of towels and absorbant materials. A rated Tumble dryers are now available that significantly reduce energy consumption. i.e Siemens WT46W56C and Bosch WTW84560 (203KWhr/year and 241KWhr/year). (£23-£30 used 127 times per year at full 7kg load).
tumble dryer - Dollie  2022-04-23 10:49:39
I had an 8 year old condensor tumble dryer which took nearly 2 hours to dry a full load. I recently purchased a new condensor dryer, now a full load takes just 50 minutes.
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