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This is a complicated... So here are some rules of thumb:-

This is a complicated picture given the number of methods to heat the water and the flows of water that various showering techniques provide.

  • A medium sized bath uses 150L of water, a power shower for 10 minutes uses about 150L of water, so a bath and a power shower could cost about the same, if the water used in both is heated in the same way. A low flow shower uses about 50L of water and in this scenario, would cost about a third the price of a power shower.
  • Many of us have a gas boiler and an electric shower. Electric showers are low flow and in ten minutes may use 50L of water, however electricity costs over 3 times as much as gas at the moment and so surprisingly enough a shower and a bath in this case cost about the same.

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mr - nigel  2017-11-15 19:14:34
Tour headline..How much does it cost to have a shower or bath.

Question not answered as you give no cost just comparisons of usage ???
reply - rdh  2017-11-15 23:12:16
Hi check out the two top articles in the link, should answer your question. just copy and past the link into the browser
Time to spare? - Alex  2012-03-09 09:56:31
10 minutes? I can shower, shave and dress in 10 minutes. Don't you have a job to go to? Or children to feed breakfast? Or both?
time to spare - Richard  2012-03-14 22:54:50
thankfully no, and they feed themselves
Power showers - RogerM  2012-01-13 15:22:13
You use 10 minutes as a time.I get bored after about 3 minutes, certainly no longer that 5 minutes. Do I just stay dirty?
Power Showers - Richard  2012-01-13 21:52:29
Ha Ha!I think I agree