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Most of this site focuses on cost and the belief that if environmental measures are cost effective then people will adopt them. We show with evidence which are the most cost effective measures to adopt in your domestic situation to save you money and as a consequence help the environment and which costs need to be driven down or grant funded to increase uptake.

Climate Change and CO2 emissions are also covered in the site, look in these sections for much more detail.

The CO2 emission data from the below table is taken from the Carbon Trust. The table also has the cost data to compare with this so that you can get a feel for cost of energy and the consequence of the fuel type on the environment.

N.B. Wood Pellets do actually emit more CO2 than this when burned, but it is regarded as a renewable source and on growing more wood for more wood pellets the CO2 is reabsorbed by the growing trees. So the net CO2 emission is low.

Different fuel prices per kWh
Different fuel prices per kWh

Well from this we should all be burning wood pellets to keep warm, they are fairly cheap and their net carbon dioxide emissions are the lowest.  The problem is that if we all switched we would run out of trees and the price would go up!

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