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Air conditioning (also known as an A/C) is a way of cooling down the temperature in an inside space by removing existing heat and humidity from the room. Depending on your household needs will identify what air conditioning unit is best for you.

Wall-Mounted, Split Unit Air Conditioning System

This type of air conditioning consists of two units: one inside and one outside. Tubes and wires connect both groups and provide quiet but capable air conditioning. You can have multiple indoor units all connected to the same outdoor unit to enable you to cool more than one room effectively. This option might be best for you if:

  • You are a long-term homeowner
  • You have a medium to large-sized home with several rooms
  • You want to cool multiple rooms in your home
Buying a wall-mounted, split unit air conditioning system will set you back between £400-£1000 depending on the model and how many places you'd like to cool but don't forget to consider installation costs, which could up the total cost by at least £300.

Packaged Air Conditioning Unit

What makes this unit vary from the traditional type, is that both the indoor and outdoor units are merged to create one compact box that is kept on the outside wall of your home. Packaged air conditioning systems tend to have higher efficiency when cooling, which makes them great for larger areas. You should consider one of these if:

  • You are a large business owner
  • You are looking to cool a large home or commercial building
  • You are looking for intense air conditioning

The prices tend to be much steeper when looking at this line of air conditioning and could set you back at least £6000, with prices ranging up to £40,000 for the full package in substantial commercial buildings.

Central Air Conditioning System

Generally, this type of air conditioning system is most commonly used- especially in the commercial world. The system works with an outdoor cooling compressor, which cools the air that is circulated through the building through ducts on walls or floors. You should consider a central air conditioning system if:

  • You're looking to cool down a large to extra large home
  • You're looking to cool down large areas quickly
  • You are a large commercial site owner, such as a gym or office block

Depending on the size and purpose of the building will depend on how much buying one of these is going to cost. Prices start from £2000 and reach up to £20,000 for more complicated structures.

Window Air Conditioner

Although less common, this type of air con is still a handy tool. They are usually installed at a window and are used to cool down single rooms/spaces. They are self-contained and standalone, which makes them much easier to handle. This option might be best for you if:

  • You own a small-medium flat or bungalow
  • Only one room in your home tends to get too hot
  • You don't want intensive air conditioning

Prices for a window air conditioner are usually low and start from as little as £500. Although, that price can quickly multiply if you're looking to cool more than one room.

Portable Air Conditioning Unit

It's self-explanatory that this type of air conditioning is an easy to handle, mobile unit that doesn't require permanent installation. It can be quickly moved from room to room depending on where is warmest at what time of the year. You should consider if:

  • You are renting
  • You don't plan to long term stay in your home
  • The rooms in your house continuously change temperature during the year
They are the cheapest type of air-con, and will only set you back between £300 and £700 and have minimal installation costs too.

Even with all this information, it can still be challenging to decide what might be best for you. Boxt, a national boiler and air conditioning distributor, has an easy to use air conditioning tool that helps you choose what unit is best for you depending on your needs and wants.

How does air conditioning work?

The basic concept of air conditioning has been around for centuries. It is believed it runs back to the ancient Egyptian era. However, electrical, modern-day air cons were first introduced in 1902 and have only improved over the years to become the multi-functional home feature that over 1.6 billion people in the world own today. The concept of air conditioning these days can be found in the home and workplace for consumer comfort, and even in vehicles.

In summary, air conditioning essentially makes indoor spaces cooler and more comforting in warm and 'sticky' weather.

Not just an air-con

It's all good and well knowing the technical aspects of an air conditioning unit, but it's important to understand just how versatile and multi-functional they are before you decide to invest. There are so many benefits that you should bear in mind. If you decide to invest, you'll soon find that you're not only putting your money into cooling your property, but also a whole range of settings. For example, Bosch air conditioning units have five settings.

  • Automatic
  • Cool
  • Heat
  • Purify
  • Dehumidify

It's a 5 in one fix for your property that means you will gain a lot more out of your unit that you are led to believe.

If you are thinking of getting an air conditioning unit you should collect quotes and shop around to find the most convenient and best deal. When choosing an air conditioner, check out Boxt’s website, they have put together a detailed resource and set of tools to help their customers decide how to choose the most appropriate AC for their need.

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