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Air conditioning is very expensive here are some actions you can take to cool your house without air conditioning.

I once considered installing AC in our house in costal North East England. It was during a once rare barmy summer. With the sun beaming through the bedroom window, even with the curtains closed the temperature was unbelievable for this part of England.

I did the calculation realised how expensive it would be to install and to run and started to consider other options. At the time environmental concerns were a lower priority, but today the CO2 emissions associated with air conditioning should also be considered, since cooling is as energy hungry as heating.

Keeping the widows open all day is clearly and option, but is also a security risk and with our vast population of local cats, we were subjected to regular feline visitations. So our first line of attack was to install widow locks that allowed windows to open but which were secure enough for our relatively safe neighbourhood. A mesh was also used on one window to stop cats. Generally I do not mind cats too much but our local ones were vicious and as an aside killed the frogs in my pond!

These measures still did not do the trick really and I reasoned that there must be some kind of film to stick to the window to reflect some of the light. Well there is and eventually I found some solar reflective Pilkington window film that was perfect (I'm sure there must be other brands also). It was very easy to apply and has now been on the windows for 15 years and still works brilliantly. At the same time I installed a ceiling fan. So on a hot day we open the top floor windows that prevent feline ingress and put the fan on full, by the time it comes to bedtime our upstairs cools sufficiently to sleep.

So in summary some actions you can take to cool your house without air conditioning.

  • Close you curtains (best with reflective white liners)
  • Open widows when you get in from work
  • Put fans on to circulate the air
  • Install reflective window film on your windows, especially those windows that face the sun (This is very effective)

Love to hear from you if you have any other tips.

Also please Note that opening the fridge door will actually heat your house up, simply because no fridge is 100% efficient and it will pump more heat out of the back than the cooling it will provide, this is why air conditioning units expel the heat outside a property.

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